Ten buying property tips

If you are looking for a property here are ten tips.

1.Location: Fundamental to your wellbeing and will determine potential value.

2.Ability to repay: You have to service your loan for many years to come and should buy within your means.

3.Rental or occupation: Establishing your objective to buy will ensure that look for the right property at the price.

4.Quality: Find out the materials used, finishes and project maintenance standards to ensure that you get value for money.

5.Developer’s reputation: Buying from a reputable developer will ensure a project will be completed on time will not be abandoned during difficulyt times.

6.Neighbourhood: The surrounding neighbourhood will determine safety and wellbeing of you and family.

7.Facilities: Good amenities and facilities will ensure convenience and comfort.

8.Accessibility: Having good road connectivity will ensure easy travel and accessibility.

9.Resale value: The property should potentially provide good capital appreciation in the future.

10.Financing: Choosing the best loan package will protect your interest the long term. - The Star

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