Pay up or move out

Irresponsible dumping of rubbish is among the issues at the MBPP public housing scheme in Taman Free School, Penang.

The Penang Island City Council (MBPP) has warned tenants of its Taman Free School public housing scheme that they will be evicted if they fail to settle their outstanding rentals which have exceeded RM80,000 in total.

MBPP councillor Joseph Ng Soon Siang said the council took cases involving breach of tenancy seriously, especially when the rent is outstanding for more than two months.

“As of April 1, the amount is RM81,235.90. MBPP has taken various enforcement actions to collect payment and will continue to do so,” he told a press conference during a visit to the flats yesterday.

He said there were 473 flat units from Block A to Block N (except Block I) and 10 shop lots in the scheme.

Ng said the monthly rental for a one-bedroom flat was between RM77 and RM97 while that of a two-bedroom unit was between RM138 and RM179.

He said defaulters would be issued the first notice two weeks after the rent is due and a second notice two weeks later following which they would face eviction.

“Of course we are aware that some residents have financial problems and we may consider giving them more time to make the payment.

“But we urge others not to delay payment or else they will be asked to move out,” Ng said, adding that there was a long waiting list of tenants for the flats.

He also urged residents not to place their things in common areas as they caused obstruction.

He said those who had done so should remove their belongings or face action.

Ng said another problem at the flats was the indiscriminate disposal of rubbish.

Despite the issues, he said MBPP would be upgrading facilities for Blocks L, M and N as part of its first phase of upgrading the housing scheme.

“We will replace the squat toilets with sit-down toilets in their units.

“We will also install CCTV units inside and outside the lifts for all three blocks,” added Ng, who was accompanied by fellow councillor Grace Teoh Koon Gee and MBPP director of valuation and property management Cheong Chee Hong. - The Star

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