No to Sg Ara high-rise project

Residents of Taman Siara 81 in Sungai Ara are up in arms against the proposed development of a 34-storey building to house affordable homes near their residential area.

The residents fear the project comprising 750 units could disrupt the ecological balance with the clearing of hills for the project.

about 30 residents took to the streets yesterday with banners to urge the Penang City Council (MBPP) not to approve the plans of the developer as they claimed the high-density project would also congest the area.

“There are only two roads – Changkat Sungai Ara 19 and Changkat Sungai Ara 20 – leading into Taman Siara 81 and the deve­loper plans to use these roads for his project works,” said the residents’ spokesman Loh Kan Swee.

He claimed that residents would also be at risk with the movement of heavy vehicles.

“Any big project can seriously damage the flora and fauna in the environment. It will also put a halt to the mountain biking and jogging activities that the area is famous for,” Loh said.

Consumers Association of Penang president S.M. Mohamed Idris, who was also present, said MBPP should not approve the proposal of the developer as it would have adverse impacts on liveability and quality of life of the residents.

“There isn’t any infrastructure in place to support such a high-density project. Everything points towards an impending disaster on the environment if it’s approved,” Idris said. - The Star

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