Penang restructures affordable housing by price

The Penang government today announced that low-cost and medium-cost homes would henceforth be known as Affordable Housing denoted according to their price points.

Homes costing RM42,000 each will now be known as Affordable Housing Type A and homes priced at RM72,500, as Type B.

State Housing, Town and Country Planning Committee chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo said homes priced at RM150,000 each would be known as Affordable Housing Type C; RM200,000 as Type D; RM300,000 as Type E, and RM400,000 as Type F.

He said the state government had been mulling the change in terminology based because the word "low" carried negative connotations for the purchasers of such units. "Further, it was noted that purchasers of such units would inevitably be first-time home buyers and it would not be proper to have such a connotation through such a label being given to their first roof over their head," he said at a press conference, here, today.

However, he added, there might be legal implications as a result of such rebranding as there were several statutes that referred specifically to "low-cost" housing, which might require amendment. - Bernama

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