Use funds to give blocks a makeover, urges state

Mohd Rashid (seated, white shirt) and residents giving the thumbs up to the completed painting of Jalan Tengah Flats.

Building management committees of high-rise buildings owned by Penang Development Corporation (PDC) should utilise the incentives given to repaint their blocks.

PDC, under its corporate social responsibility programme, funds 80% of the repainting cost with the balance shared by the unit owners.

Deputy Chief Minister I Datuk Mohd Rashid Hasnon said that to further reduce the burden of the flat owners, the state government would bear 10% of the balance cost.

“It’s an excellent deal which should be grabbed by the management committees so their flats will look better and increase in value,’ he said.

He was speaking at the handing over ceremony of the Jalan Tengah Flats in Bayan Baru after recent repainting works.

Mohd Rashid said the 12-storey block with 119 units was built in 1985 and handed over to the management committee by PDC in 2005.

The repainting of the block began in March and was completed on May 4. - By The Star

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