Luxury homes with Peranakan charm

Inspired by Penang’s heritage but exuding urban sophistication and modern appeal, the Vilaris Courtyard Homes in Batu Uban are abodes of luxury.

The development by the Runnymede Group of Companies shows off a modern interpretation of Peranakan charm and incorporates many Peranakan traditional architectural elements.

These include internal courtyards that open to the sky and other breezy spaces that maximise light and ventilation.

The rooms also come with high ceilings and wide windows to let in the light while providing privacy and space.

Runnymede Group managing director Datuk Ramzan Ibrahim said the 56 luxurious three-storey units were in a low-density, gated and guarded neighbourhood built on freehold land.

Set for completion in early 2016, the Vilaris Courtyard Homes will be the company’s choice offering at the Star Property Fair 2015 from July 9 to 12 at Gurney Plaza and G Hotel.

The homes have a 24ft frontage and are 80ft in length. The built-up space ranges from 3,700sq ft to 5,000sq ft, with 4+1 rooms.

There is a guest lounge on the ground floor and a family area on the second floor. Some units also come with lifts.

Key features include elevated living and dining areas which shield residents from prying eyes at street level, Ramzan said the units are priced from RM2mil.

The rooms, along with the dry kitchen and outdoor terrace, flow fluidly into one another to create one versatile space on the first floor.

Meanwhile, the internal courtyard on the ground level is the main Peranakan element.

On the second floor are two bedrooms and the master suite, all with ensuite baths. The suite also has a study area overlooking the internal courtyard.

The car porch is lowered and tucked away, allowing for unobstructed views from the living areas.

Capable of accommodating up to four vehicles, the porch can double up as an outdoor deck for entertaining.

There also two entrances to the house — one for owners and another for visitors.

Visitors will feel at home in the guest room which is designed to be a self-contained suite with an extended living area.

It is a flexible space that can also be used as a grandma’s unit and close to the kitchen and maid’s room.

Its private entrance from the adjoining garden also makes it ideal as a small office/home office for those who wish to work from home, Ramzan said.

Throughout the house, there are high quality finishes like 2ft x 3ft homogeneous floor tiles in serene pastel colours in the main living and dining areas as well as merbau finishing in the upper floor rooms.

The enclave’s 24-hour security guardhouse gives residents peace of mind while its linear garden and landscaped park create lush surroundings that reinvigorate the senses.

The extremely competitive prices of the homes make them an excellent investment opportunity.

Taking the built-up area of a standard house at 3,940sq ft, with an average nett selling price of RM2.2mil for intermediate units, the price per sq ft is RM558.

Assuming a conservative value of the land at RM260 per sq ft for a standard lot at 1,920sq ft (24 x 80), the land value will be RM499,200.

Deducting the land value from the average nett selling price, the building alone goes at around RM432 per sq ft.

During the fair, purchasers will enjoy a 5% discount + 2.5% rebate along with free broadband services for 24 months.

Visitors may also register for an upcoming development with 550 condominium units at The Sanctuary in Batu Uban at the company’s booth (A3) in Gurney Plaza.

The Runnymede Group was established in 1994 and is involved in the development, investment and management of property in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Western Australia. - By The Star

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