Council to discuss residents’ concerns with high-rise developer

Penang Island City Council (MBPP) will hold discussions with the developer of a high-rise project in Tanjung Bungah to reduce the number of levels of the building.

Mayor Datuk Patahiyah Ismail said even though the MBPP had already approved the housing project, it would still hold talks with the developer’s consultant.

She said this was because many residents in Tanjung Bungah had voiced their concerns about the building’s height.

She added that the council had approved the project as it had fulfilled the building guidelines and requirements.

Patahiyah was commenting on a recent news report in which Tanjung Bungah residents voiced their concerns over the proposed development which was expected to cause traffic congestion in the area.

Desa Embun Emas Apartments Council chairman George Lee had said the residents foresaw an additional 2,000 cars in the vicinity based on an estimation of two cars per household.

Speaking during her monthly press conference with the media in Komtar, Patahiyah said four units under the previous Penang Municipal Council (MPPP), would now have their status upgraded to departments.

The new departments will be the Landscape Department, Heritage Department, Enforcement Department and Solid Waste Management and Public Cleanliness Department.

She explained that the upgrading was needed to cater for the demands that came with the new status of the MBPP.

Patahiyah also said that MBPP had hired an additional 388 staffers for the new departments, bringing the total to 3,964.

MBPP secretary Ang Aing Thye who was also present, said the hiring of extra staff involved an additional expenditure of about RM12mil annually for their salaries.

Patahiyah said the Heritage Department would work closely with the George Town World Heritage Incorporated (GTWHI) to handle heritage-related matters.

“Currently, our Heritage Department is working with the GTWHI to identify heritage buildings out of the core and buffer zones.

“We’re still fine-tuning the list and we expect it to be completed by end of the year,” she added.

Patahiyah also said the council would hold a press conference in Komtar on every second Tuesday of the month, as well as after the full council meeting, which usually falls on the last Friday (subject to changes) of the month.

“We will address issues during the press conferences. The heads of departments will be around to answer questions too,” she said. - By The Star

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