Density of high-rise project raises concern from residents

A Non-Governmental Organisation will present its objection to the Penang Appeals Board over a high-rise development in Pykett Avenue.

Penang Citizens Chant Group (Chant) advisor Yan Lee said the density of the development proposed had increased from 30 units per 0.404ha to 87 without anyone consulting the residents.

“On behalf of the residents, we referred the matter to our lawyers after learning that the increase in density should not have been allowed based on Penang Municipal Council guidelines.

“Hence, 10 of the residents have filed their appeal with the Appeals Board last month to challenge the development and for the density to be reduced,” he told a press conference on Saturday.

A double-storey colonial bungalow on the land was demolished by the developer in 2010, and the council subsequently issued a rebuild order to the developer which has not been complied with as of today.

Lee added that Chant was lobbying for the amendment of Section 21 in the Town and Country Planning Act 1976 as it limited public objection to the development to only neighbours located up to 20m away through a notice in writing served by the council.

“Under the law, many nearby residents will not get to voice their objections, even though they will be affected by the development.”

He also urged state Local Government, Traffic Management and Flood Mitigation Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow to disclose the total number of affordable units included in the high-rise project.

“The new buyers have a right to know about the affordable units in the project,” said Lee.

“He (Chow) should also reveal clear guidelines for the car park for the project.

“Roads around here are clogged up during weekdays from the schools and colleges,” he said.

When contacted, Chow said the council would respond to the matter soon. - By The Star

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