Out to reduce burden of home owners

The Penang Housing, Town and Country Planning Committee will seek clarification from the Federal Government on claims that only 14 out of 40 low-cost and low medium-cost flats in Penang have been approved under the 1Malaysia Maintenance Fund (TP1M).

“The state government is ready with our Housing Assistance Programme to assist the people.

“Penang has 116 applicants for the TP1M but only 40 were considered,” its chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo said during a press conference at Mak Mandin on Monday.

He said that he had also asked the state Finance Department to seek reimbursement of RM139,500 from the Federal Government for the delay in the approval of the TP1M for Taman Pinang flats in Jalan Sungai Pinang.

“Because of the delay, the residents in Taman Pinang had to bear 20% (RM31,000) of the RM155,000 cost for roof repairs,” Jagdeep said.

He added that 80% (RM124,000) had been borne by the state.

Under the TP1M, the Federal Government partially bears the maintenance of low-cost and low medium-cost flats nationwide under a 90:10 and 70:30 ratio respectively with the management bodies.

The state allocated RM50mil to pay for the management bodies’ remaining share of 10% and 30% maintenance costs through its Housing Assistance Programme of Penang.

“Out of the reimbursement we seek from the Federal Government, the state will give Taman Pinang management corporation the 20% or RM31,000.

“The balance of RM108,500 is for us to cover our contribution,” he said.

Jagdeep said the state had received an appeal from Taman Pinang management corporation seeking assistance to reduce its financial burden in repairing the roofs at Blocks A, B and C of their flats early this year.

“They applied to the Federal Government for assistance under TP1M last year.

“However, there was no reply although they were listed as one of the 40 low-cost and low medium-cost flats in Penang that were being considered for the fund.

“Repair works were completed in March this year.

“The letter from the Federal Government came only in April, stating that the project was approved under TP1M,” Jagdeep said. - By The Star

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