Hillside project is safe, says developer

Numerous certified and qualified industry professionals have been engaged by Sunway City (Penang) Sdn Bhd in the string of planning, assessment and studies conducted to ensure the safety of a hillside development project in Sungai Ara, Penang.

In a press statement issued on Friday, the developer said it had fulfilled the necessary requirements and submitted official reports conducted by professional bodies and authorities together with other required documents for approval.

“In order to avoid inaccurate information being fed to the public, as well as to avoid further confusion, the public is advised to request access to the official approved documents from the relevant authorities,” the statement read.

Sunway City (Penang) also said it had conducted in-depth and intensive studies before submitting the layout plan for the project including traffic impact studies and an Environmental Impact Assessment.

“Sunway City (Penang) was granted the approval only once it had met all the strict criteria and high standards set by the state government,” it said, adding that approval also came from several departments including the Land Hill Committee and the Department of Environment.

Last week, residents affected by Sunway City (Penang) project appealed to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to give a written assurance for a halt in hillside development in the area.

Sunrise Garden Kondominium management committee chairman S. Manuel Nicholas claimed that Lim had given verbal assurances twice last year to the residents that the project would not proceed.

“Once was in June and another in August. We also hope that the Penang Appeals Board will take into consideration the people’s concern,” he said.

The board’s hearing into objections by the residents against the project will continue on April 16 and 17.

Manuel had claimed that the project comprised 92 three-storey bungalows and 14 blocks of condominiums which will be built on 32.7ha of hill land. - By The Star

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April 8, 2013 at 4:07 PMjeffrey

Why Sunway want to build house on hill side?
~ Because they think build on hill side is safer than build on normal land.

Why Sunway spend money to come out reports?
~ Because State Government's no expert to justify this.

Why Sunway want to acquire that land to build house?
~ Because they dun like all the durian trees and want to chop it off, so that people stay down the hill can be safer.

Why Sunway want to appeal in never ending manner?
~ Maybe they think LGE just making a joke! Not once but twice.

Why Sunway ....