Achieve your financial freedom in 5 years or less through property investment

Article by Freemen

I’ve wanted financial freedom ever since I heard the word and concept many years ago. It was, and still is, a buzz word in our community. So what does financial freedom really mean? Upon further prompting, many of us don’t really know what the phrase meant, let alone the amount of money that we need in our bank to officially say “I am financially free!”

In reality, financial freedom doesn’t just mean having the millions in our bank account; it really means that we are now free to do what we have always wanted to do. For example, buying our dream car, spending more time with family or taking a vacation. There are some who says that financial freedom is really the starting point of our journey to become rich; as the saying goes “First be free; then be rich.”

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I had the good fortune to be introduced to this magical phrase when I attended a Property Workshop almost year ago in Penang. I finally knew the true meaning of the phrase and most importantly, I know MY financial freedom number (this number is unique to each individual and I do urge you to learn yours). After knowing this magical number, I then went on to learn how I can achieve it and ultimately, earn my freedom.

I was shown a simple and straight-forward methodology, supported by mathematical evidence and calculation, how this can be done. Most amazingly, the Speaker at the Seminar showed me how I can achieve my financial freedom in 5 years or less through property investment. He shared from the heart and was passionate about this topic. Most importantly, he firmly believes that property investments are one of the easiest and proven investment vehicles. Let me elucidate this further.

Leverage. If you purchase a property worth RM300,000, you only need to pay 10% down payment which is RM30,000. The balance of RM270,000 can be obtained through financial institution. Only real estate investment allows one to borrow up to 90% of a property value. Now, home owners are even allowed a 100% loan for the 1st property! The ability to obtain high leverage from properties is relatively easy. In addition, property investment is a relatively safe investment strategy.

Cashflow. Referring to the above advantage of leveraging, one are also able to take one of the longest loans around, hence allowing one to pay small sums and giving you cash flow for your investment portfolios. Usually the tenure of the home loans will be 20 years to 30 years, subject to the applicant’s age.

My Property Coach will be in Penang to meet with us to discuss the current property market trend as well as on how to buy property for FREE in Penang. I have convinced him to share with you his success stories in Property Investments as well as to share with you the secret formula for financial freedom through property investment. This sharing will take place this coming Saturday, 5th May, at 1pm in Vistana Hotel.

I must stress upon you that the success rate recorded thus far for Penang is a massive 83.3% i.e. for every 10 people that attended. That is out of 10 people that attended the property seminar, 8 will buy their property for free. This team, together with the previous 3 batches is working together to close deals and we are establishing a Real Estate Tycoon Club (RTC) in Penang.

Freemen is an organization which has been training investors since 2008 to benefit from any market and invest on fundamental. We’ve made 200 individuals more than RM3Million in profit, investing in over RM30Million worth of properties, ALL with no money down! Property Coach from FREEMEN will be in Penang on 5th May, 2012 at 1pm onwards in Vistana Hotel. Book early as we will be expecting a full house.

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