Penang Forum calls for suspension of high-rise projects

Participants of a forum held here have passed a resolution urging the state government to impose a moratorium on high-rise and high density development.

The participants of Penang Forum 4, which numbered about 80, wants the moratorium to be in place until the Local Plans for the state were approved by the public.

They also called upon the state to institute a more participatory planning process which is by organising a series of workshops to educate and engage the public on draft Local Plans prior to their approval.

Other resolutions passed were to ask the state to address and resolve the problems of the various residents associations, especially by implementing independent social, environmental and traffic impact assessments for new projects.

The participants, comprising students, members of non-governmental organisations and members of the public, want the development process in Penang to be holistic and sustainable.

They urged the state government and both the Penang and Seberang Prai municipal councils to implement a planned and more systematic development in the state.

They also urged the state to formulate land-use and land reclamation policies to ensure that the state maintains effective control over land-use planning besides protecting its long-term financial interests to serve the best interests of ordinary Penangites, in particular the marginalised and vulnerable groups.

They want the state to formulate innovative yet prudent independent fiscal policies that will allow the state/local government to generate and conserve financial resources for projects that would bring about the maximum long-term benefit to local communities.

Two more resolutions are for the state to address the poor integration of transport within the town planning and land-use planning policies and to ensure the prompt enforcement of legislation for the violation of any laws or by-laws.

The one-day forum, titled Development and Good Governance, was held at the Caring Society Complex here on Sunday. It was organised by Penang Forum, a coalition of public-interest civil society groups based in Penang. - By JOSEPHINE JALLEH (The Star)


December 20, 2011 at 5:48 PMcondomana

It is a very good sign to see the people getting more involved in town planning issues, that shows how much they care about Penang. The people of Penang should voice out and have a say in what they want in their neighborhoods. An interactive communication between the state and people would make Penang a more desirable place to stay. Congratulations Penang!

December 31, 2011 at 10:59 AMAL

It'll be interesting to see if Penang State Government will response to such request!