Units empty for three years

The state government has been urged to distribute low medium-cost (LMC) units at the Sri Saujana flats on Gat Lebuh Macallum, Penang, which have been left empty for more than three years, to those who are eligible.

Pengkalan Kota Barisan Nasional coordinator Loke Poh Chye said there were 324 units at Block B and C of the flats that were left vacant.

“Since there are so many units available at Sri Saujana, why doesn’t the state government distribute the empty units to those who need them?” Loke questioned.

He said it was important that the state fill up the empty units soon, as they would not only turn into a breeding ground for mosquitoes but also attract drug addicts who might use the units as their haunt.

Loke said despite the state’s effort in allocating more than 7,000 units of LMC units in Batu Kawan, it was more convenient for the people to have an affordable place to stay nearer to George Town.

He said he was also disappointed with the state Housing Department which failed to reply when he brought up this matter.

A resident Kung Chian Eow, 50, said the flats management had to shut down two lifts at each block as no maintenance fees were collected from the empty units.

“This causes inconvenience to the residents who can only use the remaining four lifts,” he said.

State Housing Committee chairman Wong Hon Wai could not be reached for comments. - By The Star

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