Fundamentals to Property Investing

Article by Michael Tan

This week, let’s talk about property investment fundamentals to use as a benchmark to get your properties the smart way!

If you have already sold all your properties, or don’t have properties to sell yet, then buy with caution. Invest into fundamentals, never on speculations. There are still other deals in the market. With your ears on the ground, keep your feet firmly planted while looking for properties. Keep a firm eye on the prices.

To know how to invest into fundamentals and to achieve Financial Freedom through Property Investment, click here

The best reference is always the rental market. If you are going to buy property for investment purposes, you will need to either rent it out or sell. Selling prices are closely related to the rental prices as well, therefore, you always need to ask yourself “Who is going to rent your property and at what price?” Find out what the rental rates are like. With the exception of houses, a good benchmark for all residential investment grade properties is about 6% (or more) rental returns.

I share this formula in my seminars. It’s easy to use and to calculate. In fact many property investors benchmark their property worthiness based on this formula:

If a property cannot achieve such returns, i.e. the selling price is too high as compared to prevailing rental rates; it is definitely not a good idea to buy.

Let’s go back to the fundamentals. Besides rental returns, look out for the take-up rate of the properties in the surrounding areas and ask yourself, “Does it take too long for the tenants to fill up the space? Is there more demand or more supply of space in that area?” Also, who is your target market? Is it a growing or the numbers dwindling?

Good questions aren’t they?

So, I’m going to make you a deal.

I’m going to give you this one time to find out how you can get your properties with no money down and still make lots of money from it! I’m going to allow you to participate in a session where everybody chips in their input on today’s property market and it’s effect on property investments. And I’m also going to get you involved in a simulated activity just so that you can quickly grasp the property investment scenario.

Now, people usually have to pay the retail price of RM197/pax just to get all these, BUT, I will give you this deal: You get all these learning for only RM47!

On top of this, I will also calculate with you on your property portfolio. From there, you can work backwards to formulate your investment strategies; i.e. which property market should you tap into first?

Event details are as follow:

Talk on PROPERTY BUBBLE in Malaysia 2011
Date : August 13 (Sat)
Time : 1pm – 6pm
Location : Vistana Hotel

For reader : RM47/pax only (Normal Retail Price: RM197/pax)
To register, click here

In the meantime, regardless of whether you are busy selling or busy buying, start getting busy. The worst thing you could do right now is to freeze. Many are either sitting it out or just plain afraid to get into the market. These are probably the same people whom do not invest in the worst of times too. My question is, if in the good times, you do not invest, and in the bad times, you do not invest, then when do you?

Bring up any questions you have about property investment this Saturday, and talk to me. I will share with you what I know, as I have always.

Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday!

Cheers and happy investing!


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August 9, 2011 at 11:28 AMAlan

I read the previous comment saying this Micheal Tan is the industry spoiler like Kishore in forex trading...
The "sins" that committed :

1. Used charity as selling point to promote his seminar but those money collected go in to his own pocket.(May be share with his marketing agent in Penang)..

2. A self claim property guru but actually another talk cock fellow. His property portfolio in just some low & medium cost apartment.

3. Trying to JV with more reputable property guru to make himself better exposure. But later he will "tembak" his old partner.

4. Never pay the supplier for job done and been marked as "chao ka"(kaki busuk, lack of integrity or unethical) in the KL market.

5. He may become clement chiang of Malaysia. Clement has been sued by his students in Spore and Msia for his bullshit courses.

Hope those Penangties get some warning by those KL people who has went thru their experience with this Mai Kai Tan (Sell Chicken Egg)...

August 9, 2011 at 4:58 PMAnonymous

alamak, i already paid him RM37 to listen to his course this Sat :(

I want to see whether he'll share the tips on how to own a house without downpayment, and other tips that he claim, how to profit in this downturn market...

Or this is just a basic simple marketing seminar to "influence" you to pay RM5k to his real money making seminar?

Maybe this Saturday, I'll hear something like, "OK, now I have a course that will really help you to make millions, and a course that will teach you how to win and profit in property market, the course will ONLY cost you RM5k"...

August 9, 2011 at 5:27 PMCL

I am a member of a youth NGO organization JCI E-Metro. Last year in December, JCI E-Metro partnered FREEMEN in organizing a TYCOON WITH A CAUSE seminar to raise fund in support of charity. At this event, we successfully raised >RM10,000 for Charity. These monies were donated to Penang Shan's Children home and our JCI E-Metro's Heart for Hope Programme (which is endorsed by the Penang State Govt). I must say that in working with the FREEMEN team, I find them and Michael has been sincere and honest in contributing back to society.

Alan, please do verify your facts before publishing it to the public.

August 9, 2011 at 5:39 PMAnonymous

Dear Cas

Do not expect too much, just learn whatever you can since you have paid for it. Maybe Michael is really a good guy wants to share and make other rich as well. Just to share with you, from my experience, I also attended before on free property talk and they can tell all sort of fanstatics seems workable strategies such as no money down, buy property with up to 70% below market price in US and yet getting monthly rental return higher than your monthly installment. You got to evaluate yourself, most of the seminar is to sell you their coaching couse or get you to participate in their property investment. However, just ask yourself, if they have all the strategies and the networks to buy such properties, they will be busy making money on their own since this is a sure win approach without forking out your money. How come they have the time to go all out everywhere to teach people and not use their valuable time to maximize profit from property investment and enjoying life somewhere

August 10, 2011 at 2:20 AMChin

Hey...I know him, Micheal Tan...Yes, u r right...

He's a big big lier in town.

I have experienced the pt#1 to pt4(see Alan's post above)... He's actually know NUTs about property investment...
Wake up all Malaysian, I hope you all feel the pain when attending Kishore or Clement Chiang course previously...
I know there're better guru in town. Do some homework and research before going in to his seminar. Don't get excited on his selling skill by rushing to sign his workshop..

I m from JCI too, but never heard of the name CL ...Hmm...Where is this guy CL come from?? Confirm no body name CL in E-Metro chapter..

August 10, 2011 at 10:59 AMMichael Tan

Dear Alan from Penang,
Thank you for taking the time to share your views. I have to admit, your comments was the hardest to read.
What you wrote didn’t go down well with me. The things you wrote stirred me a little. I read it more than 3 times. Line by line. I read it and felt amused, angry and even concerned. It also got me thinking what and why someone would write such comments.
I even wrote a 3 page reply to justify my position and to prove how wrong you were.
Then I realize, that you, Alan from Penang, are a very strong and courageous person, for it would take someone with strong conviction to write what you wrote.
Then I realized, that you, Alan from Penang, might be right.
There must be some truth to what you have wrote, and/or there must have been some experience to have created the belief you currently have.
So I thank you, Alan from Penang. You woke me up.
I realize that I have to do more than just talk (or write).
In 2008, when I manage to turn my life around, I made a promise to share with people, my success.
Why? Cause it hurt like hell being broke, and I was blessed to have the strength, belief and support to get back on my feet, to gain my wealth and my financial freedom in a short period of time.
I made a promise to God and the universe, that if I ever got out of the hole I was in, I would tell the world how it could be done, and that I would spend the rest of my life, sharing with people, that they don’t have to suffer if they don’t want too, that they don’t have to be poor, or broke, or barely surviving, if they don’t want too. That if I can do it, so can you.
So guess what? With the support of great friends who believed, courage, strength and perseverance, I made it. So, this is payback time.
Alan from Penang, believe it or not, my intention is to create a community of people, that will work together, in good faith and love, to achieve financial freedom and more.
No amount of personal wealth, personal success or achievements will sincerely show my intentions.
There’s only ONE way how anyone would believe me and for my intentions to be true. It is when people, who take the bold steps to believe and trust in me first, who learn and apply what I share, become more successful than I.
Alan of Penang, I will be coming on the 14th of this month, this Saturday. I will be talking about the current economic situation and sharing my insights of it. I hope it will be of value to you.
And yes, I will be offering my Property Investment Program with the intentions of helping Penangites invest into properties, safely and with as little money down as possible. This is the vehicle I chose to help people achieve their financial freedom.
Regardless of how many Penangites decide place their trust in me, I will serve. Even if there’s only 10 of you, or perhaps only 1, it doesn’t matter, I will do my outmost best and more. Talk is cheap, and only your actions and results will show otherwise.
Then, when the results show, if you like, you write about it.
Michael Tan

August 10, 2011 at 1:50 PMcondomana

Dear Michael Tan,

One of the comments mentioned something about an optional "Part-2" seminar which you charge attendees thousands of ringgit. Is that true?

October 13, 2011 at 6:49 PMtanprop

Michael Tan locked-up? Are you the one appearing in the headline today?

October 13, 2011 at 9:39 PMcondomana

It is very irresponsible of the blog owner to allow advertisement of "Michael Tan" knowing he's a scamster. I hope the blog admin would take his ads off, failing which we should alert the authority.

October 16, 2011 at 7:01 PMRafael

Hi tanprop good job informing us that this Michael Tan is a scam in vending machine biz.

Hi Alan I like your courage in identifying him as a bad person but in the wrong field.

Hi Michael Tan are you going to jail? I hope yes for the rest of your life. This will set an example to other smart ass people who wants to be like you to not cheat or create a scam to the public.

FYI I have attended this Michael Tan preview twice this year (RM37 and RM100) but he has not convince me to join his property investment seminar. I got some extra info from his preview but in general form. If you have read many books from property investment, financial intelligent, network marketing, self improvement, set up a biz then you will know why I never attend his property investment seminar. The answer is information. If you have read books from Azizi Ali or Milan Doshi the information is theoretically superb. Practical I would suggest go and buy you own property rather than attend a course. The course in my opinion you have to go over and over again then you are well informed. One time deal attending a course is nonsense. Furthermore you need a mentor to always guide you what is the next step to do in any investment.

October 16, 2011 at 10:55 PMAnonymous

If the one in the Mat Kiosk scam is M. Tan, those who have paid for the talk in Penang on 22-Oct 2011 will not be able to get back the money
This is called "no money down" in property investment

Comments on previous talk in Penang

October 24, 2011 at 11:51 AMSK

I think that before we condemn someone, let's give them a good trial. Give the guy a chance to say his side lah. Then decide for yourself. Michael Tan's blog here:
and his comments:

October 24, 2011 at 12:13 PMSK

So, where do you stand after reading Michael Tan's comments on He gave a very good question at the end. Are you in Category #1, #2, or #3?

October 24, 2011 at 1:54 PMJT

After reading through the blog, I got the feeling that Michael is trying to declare his innocence and simply walk away from whole ordeal. As one of the Directors from this Mat Kiosk company, Michael bears the responsibility and he is fully accountable-for from the way i look at it. it was truly an ugly, and cunning act by simply saying i pulled out from the company half-way, and none of my business anymore. Base on what he has claimed, he has noticed some wrong practices by his fellow partners much earlier, he could have just lodge a police report instead of just pulled out silently. By all mean, he is not going to gain any sympathy or trust from anybody or public. If he is really earning million now, then he should have enough money to return the money to those poor people who have been cheated by the scam. And pls act fast.

October 24, 2011 at 2:09 PMColl

Michael, the self-proclaimed Property Millionaire and Guru, i must say that i feel disgusted after reading your blog. If you really have the million, please show your sincerity and pay the money back to those who gave away their hard-earned savings to your scam business. Only if you have settled the case then leave it to public to judge whether should put trust back into you. And at the meantime, please stop selling your cheap seminar and tactics, such as the Green Millionaire, this really make me feel disgusting.

October 24, 2011 at 4:35 PMpetestop

It just goes to show that one's reputation is priceless. Once it is spoilt, nobody will believe you.

So, make lots of $$$, but make sure you do it with honesty and integrity and maintain your reputation.

You can't bring the $$$ with you to your grave anyway, but your reputation will survive you forever.

October 24, 2011 at 9:09 PMRafael

For this Michael Tan's case after reading his blog he admitted that he was responsible and owes people from the scam biz.

I have questions which Michael Tan has not clarified:
1) Who was his 3 other associates?
2) Why didn't the people who got cheated from this scam find the other 3 but instead find and whack Michael Tan?
3) Why didn't he filled for bankruptcy on this scam biz?
4) Why busybody about who we are rather than explain how are you going to solve this issue by paying back to the people you owe?

To make story short he should pay back the money that he owed from the scam biz plus should be sentence to prison and rotan so that this will be a lesson to other people not to follow some dummy grand master plan which was eventually a fail mission.

Thanks for reading my comment Michael Tan.

October 25, 2011 at 11:22 AMKevin

Actually i don't know much about Michael Tan but after reading this blog post and Michael's reply, I am actually not that happy with the way how he reply and tries to cover up the fact.

He mentioned that after his life turnaround in 2008, it is his mission to share with people the successs and made a promise to God bla bla don't want people to suffer.

Now, to keep things simple. You don't share with people stuff and then charge money for the things you share. If that is the case, you are actually charging people for the service you are offering and you not sharing. If you really have the intention to share with people, please have an actual sharing in your blog post or maybe you can make a video and freely distribute it to people as sharing.

the FACT is, you are charging people money for preview seminar and then from other people's posting, seems like there is another further advance seminar where you are charging thousands of dollars.

Don't act like an angel when the fact is you are already taking money away from people. Since you are a self styled or self proclaimed property guru, please share with people and then only charge money if the investment guaranteed to generate money. Let people decide themselves if it's worth for them to 'share' back the money they earn from the sharing you give to them....

FACT is people are already thousands of dollars poorer even before they start to earn any actual money...

so I am not against your program, but please don't act as if you are doing a charity or something good to people...but make it clear, people are actually paying for a service you are offering, just like any other normal business transaction..

correct me if i'm wrong...just as i am doing this correction to your statement in this blog posting...


October 25, 2011 at 11:32 AMtanprop

Well said, Kevin, i don't feel comfortable with the word "sharing" too. He is providing a service (educational?) and getting fees in return, clear cut it is a "Trade" instead of "Sharing".

October 25, 2011 at 11:37 AMtanprop

Trust me I have personally attended a few property seminars before which cost a few thousand bucks, and i don't think i learnt anything extra from a decent property book at popular bookstore which cost less than a hundred. The only intention for me to go there is to get to know the people, to establish some networks and connections which are essential when come to property investment. As for those Property Gurus lessons, i must say standard, boring, and sometimes childish. Sometimes they even treat this as a spiritual class and wanted you to pledge or beleive in something, really make me sick.

October 25, 2011 at 2:09 PMElson

nice Kevin, sharing mean FOC, paying to get good/service call biz transactions, lol

October 25, 2011 at 2:57 PMtphimy

Green Millionaire? Is Michael trying to form some kind of Property Investor Club like SweeTee? The concept if I am not mistaken, the members to contribute the money while the Leader hunts for the property to invest in, just like the fund manager. The profit made will be thren shared later on. Sounds familiar, hope this will not be another MAt Kiosk.

Looks like Michael is desperate of getting some cash in to help himself out of the trouble.

October 26, 2011 at 1:50 PMAnonymous

Do not just talk only in your blog, just do it immediately. As what Kevin suggested above, have an actual sharing in your blog and/or make a video freely distribute for sharing to every body and those who have lost money in your Mat Koisk or those have spent monies and time in your no money down seminar.

Only these ways you can create your so called "Green Millionaires" community. You must start first and only those who benefited from your gift will automatically share with others.

By charging a fee is not a sincere sharing and will never achieve your target of 10 million people & Green Million-hairs in a short period of time.

Quotes taken from your blogs:

If you have earned the gift of making millions, then all I ask is that you give back, and share with others how to earn the same gift. Together, we then choose and commit to affect this world positively, spreading our wealth to areas of society and the community that needs it.

I call this the community of Green millionaires

“I commit to affect 10,000,000 people to be bigger than who they are

November 16, 2011 at 12:32 PMnina


how can you be so innocent, telling all the people out there that you are the victim..i am your customer from mat kiosk..when i read that you have been arrested, i told my whole family that the con man is at last in jail..but after that , you have been release ans you post at your blog that you are innocent and now you are a millionaire..because of you, my husband dirvorce me, and my 3 children now are in welfare home and i have been a bankrutcy..owe bank more then a hunderd r the one that tell me how good the kiosk is, how you can give me a good income and how to make money by your business preview in your say that this kiosk will give my mutiple income and its exactly the thing i see you promise on your seminar to people..i wonder why the star interview you, to help you to con more you are a millionaire, can you pay me back, but even you pay me back, can you give me my family put me in hell..and you still can say you want to help people by taking mo money from the can u sleep at night, and ow can you feed your child food with the money you cheat people, and with your sin that you have done to me..can you give me a family are a can your parents bring you to this world and aloow you to give so much suffering to me and the rest of others..i home your family will suffer one day..i hope god will punish you and your family, and let you suffer what i suffering now..