95 people offered Sri Saujana units

The Penang Housing Department has offered 95 people units at the Sri Saujana flats on Macallum Street, and they will move in after their bank loans have been approved.

State Town and Country Planning, Housing and Arts Committee chairman Wong Hon Wai said these people were squatters and residents affected by the Sungai Pinang flood mitigation project.

He was responding to a query by Pengkalan Kota Barisan Nasional coordinator Loke Poh Chye on why 324 low medium-cost units at the Sri Saujana flats had been left empty.

Wong in a statement said the remaining units would be offered to eligible applicants next month.

Loke had said that it was important for the state to fill up the empty units, as they would not only turn into breeding grounds for mosquitoes but also attract drug addicts, who might use the units as their haunt. - By The Star

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