368 cheap homes for south Seberang Prai folk

A total of 368 low-cost and low medium-cost houses are being built at Taman Sungai Duri Permai near here for the people in south Seberang Prai district.

They comprise 224 units of low-cost terrace, 114 units of low medium-cost terrace and 30 units of low medium-cost semi-detached houses. The low-cost units are built in townhouse style, with two units occupying each double-storey townhouse.

The houses, under the Penang government’s privatised housing programme, are expected to be completed by the end of October, said state Housing, Urban and Town Planning Committee chairman Wong Hon Wai.

Wong said the low-cost units are priced at RM38,000, low medium-cost units at between RM80,000 and RM104,760 while the semi-detached units are priced between RM90,000 and RM112,200.

“The Pakatan Rakyat state government will continue to approve and build low and medium-cost houses to meet the needs and demands of the people in the state.

“It is our commitment to provide sufficient affordable homes for the poor and the middle income group,” Wong said after visiting the RM28mil project undertaken by Asas Dunia Bhd in Sungai Duri yesterday.

He said only those whose monthly income was below RM2,500 were eligible to apply for the houses through the state housing department or their assemblyman.

Wong said the state had approved low and medium-cost housing projects in all five districts in the state under its privatised housing programme but could not provide details on the number of projects approved.

He said some developers had yet to start their projects due to factors like squatter problems and ground works. - By S. Arulldas (The Star)

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