Seminar - Achieve Your Financial Freedom in 5 Years or Less in Property Investment

Property Investment Workshop:

How to make money in a property boom market.

It’s official. We are now experiencing a property boom in Malaysia. Prices have escalated by 31% on average (or more) in Klang valley for the past 8 months and property prices in Penang are at an all time high (especially for newly launch projects). Auction houses and courtrooms have experienced a surge of interest for auction properties in hot spot areas such as Damansara, Subang Jaya and PJ areas since late last year.

The question is, How are you going to make money in a market like this?

Discover how Properties can help you Achieve Your Financial Freedom in 5 Years or Less!

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Basically, there are 3 main types of investor profiles out there in the market. They are as follows:

  1. The sparrows – These are the ones that comes out once every 10 years, when they smell big opportunity in the air, all hoping to cash in on the escalating price of properties in the areas. You can catch them queuing up at “hot” development launches, especially those with the hype of “prelaunch special”, “private launches” and other marketing ra-ras. They also show up for high profile auctions in hot spots, by the bus loads. Their strategy is to buy high, hope and pray they can sell higher. It’s a high-risk game they play, with the sole purpose of gaining from the current flood of greed in the market. Sometimes, they are also known as speculators.

  2. The pigeon – These are the ones, perched on the branches, overlooking all the commotion down below. They are always interested, waiting for the right time to come… except the right time is rare and far apart. In the downturns, the pigeon tells of fear and insecurity as the reason for not investing. In the booms, the pigeon reasons that one cannot make money when the price is already high, and so they wait, patiently for the right time. And wait… and wait…

  3. The Eagle – Souring high in the sky, the eagle studies the area, scanning for opportunities, reading for trends. They work in areas where it is their “zones”, where they know the fundamentals. Seldom do they venture into areas of unknown, they diligently comb the area for good deals. When a deal comes along, they zoom right into it, and go for the kill. Usually, whatever they find, is a steal and a gem, even in a hot, booming market.

What are you? A sparrow, a pigeon or an eagle?

  • Discover how you can make consistent profits in any market.

  • Learn how to be and eagle and make money, whether in a boom or a bust.

  • Understand the dynamics of the market, learn how to build a multi million ringgit portfolio,

  • And last but not least, learn how you can capitalize on the current up cycle of the property market.

Freemen is an organization which has been training investors since 2008 to benefit from any market. We’ve made 200 individuals more than RM3Million in profit, investing in over RM30Million worth of properties, ALL with no money down! Property coach, Michael Tan, a.k.a the Millionaire Maker will be giving a talk this coming Saturday, 5th of March in Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel, Penang entitled “How to achieve your financial freedom in 5 years of less” from 1:30pm till 6pm. Book early as we will be expecting a full house.

*SPECIAL OFFER: 1st 37 people to register in for this event will get a FREE Ho Chin Soon book on “Location, Timing and Branding”.

So hurry, learn from the guru and take action now to register here as seats are limited

This workshop is organized in collaboration with JCI E-Metro in support of its Hope Outreach Program for underprivileged children to obtain education.


February 22, 2011 at 6:24 PMUnderfine

Why don't have someone/organization control the house pricing increase dramastically?When new project launch, most of the house buyers are agent. They bought it then sell it in higher proce, how can people afford to buy it if continue like this. Poor people become poor,rich people will become more rich. How people can survive if like this.

February 23, 2011 at 11:43 AMcentral

housing prices is a variable between supply vs demand
with prevailing low interest rate and massive influx of cheap monies flooding just about every asia pacific countries-it will be an unusual phenomenon if prices of equities and houses do not rise.healthy speculation is essential for a normal market.excessive and rife speculation will propel prices beyond the reach of most residents not unlike in hk ,kl and penang now

however not all is lost and do not despair-its widely envisage that the economy of usa will recovered towards the end of this year and interest rates will be trending upwards on the much anticipated recovery-thats the time for a major correction of housing prices all across asia.

i think the 3 hardest hit countries will be hk sing and malaysia
by my reckoning property prices in pg has increased by nearly 200% since 2009.that is clearly unsubstainable and a downnwward adjustment of 50-60 % is not unexpected.
in fact most economist forecast the FEDS will increase rates in may/june instead of year end and we shall see the impact gradually.
if the prediction of the economist is correct,this year end should be a good time for end users to buy property