Milan Doshi Seminar - Day Two, 19th Feb 2011

Due to overwhelming response after publishing Milan Doshi's seminar write up, the 1st session of the seminar has been fully booked. But Mr Milan agreed to conduct an extra session to ensure that he share his 20 years investment knowledge with Penangites.

The extra session been schedule on 19 February 2011, 3.30pm - 6.30pm at Bay Avenue training center.

To REGISTER your seat, kindly visit

The fees for the seminar will be RM68 for 2 person plus 1 free best seller book from Milan with title How You Can Get RICH from the Malaysian Property and Stock Markets.

The hi-lite of the seminar will be " To Be Retire In Next 5 Year By Having RM3,000,000 In Property Loan".

Most People's Financial Goal is to RETIRE DEBT-FREE before they turn 65 years old. Instead, You Can CHOOSE to NEVER WORK AGAIN within the next 5 years! All that You need to do is Accumulate GOOD DEBTS of at least RM3 million via Property Investments. Investment in properties always giving the un-expected return, provided you choose the right and good properties in Malaysia.

Most Property Investors usually set a target of how many properties they want to ultimately own. Unfortunately, they never give any serious thought as to how much Bank Borrowings they should have. It is not how many properties you own, but how much Bank Borrowings you have that determines how Fast you are able to NEVER WORK AGAIN. The More GOOD DEBTS You Have, The RICHER You Become! It is as simple as that.

Real Estate Wealth Mastery shows you why you must BORROW INTELLIGENTLY As Much As You Can provided the Potential Returns are higher than the Borrowing Costs. In fact, you ought to Borrow Money even when you don't need to!

Property investment always the safest investment during financial crisis. But if you have no knowledge or experience in investing property, you will be become the victims of financial crisis.

Learning is a must for a successful property and stock investor who has no nonsense of trial and error where it's just wasting the time. Learn a proven system from a successful person (Milan Doshi) is always the perfect decision to lead you to become as successful as Milan Doshi.

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Hurry, the seat is limited for 2nd session, take action now to register here :


February 18, 2011 at 12:14 PMVoice

I hope we're paying to attend the course to listen to Milan doing marketing to pay more & participate in other investment group.

I know that it's impossible to cover everything, but I hope Milan will answer to questions raised, but not pushing them to attend other courses.

I've experienced it before, and I hope it has been improved.

I will attend the session again on 19 Feb. Let's see...

February 18, 2011 at 12:18 PMVoice

I hope Milan or his agent will see this blog.

It's not about tbe money we're paying, but if questions are not addressed, and it's only on highlevel & focusing on marketing, then it's waste of our time.

I will (and we should) walk out from the session if this happens again.