Useful resources for novice property investors

By Ally Che

Hi, my name is Ally Che, an affiliate Registered Financial Planner (RFP) and professional property negotiator, specialized in transactions of land, commercial and high end properties in Penang Island. This is my 4th blog published in Apartment Penang.

In this blog I would like to share about the available resources for us on how to invest in property successfully.

There are a lot of websites that offering useful information on property investment. Below are some websites I frequently surf.

The first one of course is our Apartment Penang.
Apartment Penang is the most informative website on property development in Penang. You could find extensive property reviews, comments and discussion, views and opinions, latest property new..etc in Apartment Penang. Well done, Apartment Penang.


There are many forums which are informative discussion site for property investors. In those forums you could know opinions of other investors on property investment and join in discussions. Below are some property investment forums which I join.


If you know Mandarin, below are 2 good Mandarin forums on property investment.

Newspaper & Magazines
1. The Edge Malaysia
2. Personal Money
3. The Star (Saturday’s Country and Home)
4. Home Finder

Books from bestselling authors (Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Milan Doshi, Azizi Ali, Renesial Leong, Peter Yee) offer valuable insights to help you making decision in property investment, very useful for beginners.

Property Fair
The most famous property fair in Penang is not mistakenly The Star Property Fair. In property fair we could visit many new property launches while potential buyers looking for investments could come to the previews to catch early bird discounts and freebies.

Apart from the fair, there will also be forums and talks with representatives from the state government, solicitor, architect, tax consultant, feng shui guru and property gurus.

Property Agents, Bankers & Lawyers
Property agents, bankers and property lawyers are industry insiders. They know the industry well and sensitive on any market environment. Befriend with the capable ones will help you a lot on property investment.

Property Launches
Visit property launches to know what is latest development in property market.

Courses & Seminars
I believe the resources I listed are useful for you to start on property investment. If you think they are not enough, you could pay a fee to join courses and seminars. There are a lot of courses and seminars in the market, so I do not elaborate more here.

The most useful way to gain knowledge on property investment is to have real life practice in property investment and observe the whole process. Practice and reflect what you learn before and you will become a better property investor.

PS: If you know any other resources that could help us on how to invest in property successfully, please leave your comments here. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Ally Che

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September 29, 2010 at 10:33 PMgemini

hi ally,
BSG group new project "Minden Residence" is open for sale now. Its 2 storey Semi D L32' x 80' (2647sf) & b/u 2646sf at price of RM 1.298M
any idea worth buying it.TQ.