Upset over high charges

Residents and shoplot owners of the Jalan Semarak Api low-cost flats in Farlim, Penang, are in distress over increasing maintenance charges.

They are looking at increases ranging from 42% for a two-bedroom intermediate unit to 147% for a kindergarten there.

Paya Terubong MCA service team chief Koh Wan Leong said the maintenance charge revision by the management company was most untimely with the current economic slowdown.

“The residents here are not high income earners.

“Some do not even make RM1,000 a month.

“Such high increases are burdensome to them at a time when jobs are unstable,” he said.

Koh said this at a meeting organised by the Farlim Indian Association at a community hall with some 200 residents on Sunday.

The fee revision also covers three-bedroom corner units that will see a 71% increase, corner shoplots (100%) and intermediate shoplots (71%) located at the flats’ 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 2C and 2G blocks.

Before the revision, the occupants of those units and the two-bedroom intermediate units only had to pay RM35 monthly.

For the kindergarten, the maintenance charge was RM105.

After the revision, the new charge is RM260.

The management company, in a letter, cited high inflation caused by escalating prices of fuel, food, building materials, labour and other related items as the reason for the revision.

It stated that the company had tried its best to maintain the charge at the minimal RM35 but due to uncontrollable factors and also uncollectable outstanding maintenance charges, the amount was insufficient to meet its monthly building maintenance operating costs.

Koh said a memorandum opposing the revision had been prepared and would be sent to the management company, Farlim Group Sdn Bhd, the Northeast District Officer as well as the Housing and Local Government Ministry this week. - The Star

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February 18, 2009 at 4:39 PMchinatown

They should not increase the price because they unable to cover the maintainance cost due uncollectable fee! This is unfair to those good pay master. They should find a way including take debtors to court!! The management been there for around 10 years and yet don't see much improvement on maintainance of the building. Don't you feel SHAME!!