Stop-work order on Batu Ferringhi project

The Penang Municipal Council has issued a stop-work order to DMV Sdn Bhd, instructing it to halt construction works on its bungalow project in Batu Ferringhi.

During a visit to the site this morning, council president Datuk Zainal Rahim Seman said was unhappy with the site that appeared to have no proper drainage system, allowing water from higher ground to flow non-stop into the site before flowing into a temporary retention pond.

“There must be a proper drainage system that diverts the water into the pond. The developer must also find out where the water is coming from because it could weaken the soil and affect the high-rise condominiums located above the site.

“They are to stop all construction work until they solve the drainage problem,” he said.

The project located at Jalan Batu Feringhi near the Mar Vista apartments involves 37 units of three-storey bungalows. - by LOOI SUE-CHERN (The Star)

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