Approvals for land-related matters within a month

Penang is introducing a new delivery system to expedite land-related matters to ensure approvals are granted within a month.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who heads the state land committee, said since taking over on March 8, the state government had cleared up backlogs for conversions and other land-related matters going back over six years.

“Those approvals pending before the land committee are now up-to-date, but there seems to be a delay at the land office, which has to liaise with the relevant departments for their technical reports before the applications can be submitted to the land committee.

“From next year, applications pending at the land office will be dealt with by the land committee if there are any unwarranted delays. We do not want any delays in matters related to land and from next year, approvals for land matters will be given within a month,” Lim said at a dialogue session with Penang industrialists on anti-recessionary measures.

By Regina William (The Edge Daily)

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