New traffic system proposal

Motorists on Penang island should brace themselves for yet another change to the traffic system in Sungai Pinang, Jelutong, Island Glades and around Burmah Road.

The Penang Municipal Council is considering changing the one-way traffic system in Sungai Pinang Road (between Jelutong Road and Patani Road), Patani Road (between Sungai Pinang Road and Veterinary Road), Veterinary Road and Jelutong Road (between Gurdwara Road, C.Y. Choy Road and Sungai Pinang Road) back to two-way traffic flow.

On the other hand, the present two-way traffic system in Gurdwara Road (between C.Y. Choy Road and River Road) has been proposed to be turned into a one-way street.

The people are given the opportunity to decide whether they want the change as the council is seeking public feedback before implementing the new system.

A council spokesman said distribution roads complementing the one-way street circuit would not face heavy traffic flow if the two-way street system was introduced.

“This is because most vehicles will be using main roads such as Jelutong Road and Sungai Pinang Road while Patani Road will be the inter road between Datuk Keramat Road and River Road. Residents in Veterinary Road and River Road are unaffected as they can continue to use these roads.

He added that residents living along these roads had earlier objected to the implementation of the one-way traffic system in 2003 because of the increase in traffic volume in the area.

The council is also proposing to make some changes to the traffic flow along Lorong Delima 5 and part of Lorong Delima 3 and Lorong Delima 7 to turn them into a one-way streets.

This would mean the flow of traffic along Lorong Delima 3 would be from the direction of Lorong Delima 6 heading towards Lorong Delima 5.

Traffic flow along Lorong Delima 5 would flow from the direction of Lorong Delima 3 to Lorong Delima 7 while traffic flow along Lorong Delima 7 would flow from the direction of Lorong Delima 5 to Lorong Delima 6.

At Burma Road, the plan is to turn part of Jalan Servis (from Burma Road to Irrawadi Road) and Chow Thye Road (from Irrawadi Road to Burma Road) into a one-way traffic.

The spokesman said the public is invited to submit their views on the proposed traffic rearrangements before Aug 23 so that the council can raise them at its meeting prior to the system’s implementation.

Views can be sent to Pengarah Kejuruteraan, Jabatan Kejuruteraan, Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang, Tingkat 13, Komtar, 10675 Pulau Pinang or fax to 04-2611990 or call Rafidah or Rashidah at 04-2592202 or email

For more details on the proposal, visit the council’s website at - By TUNKU SHAHARIAH (The Star)

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